Member Registration

Admittance to Membership in the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange

Information is herein provided further to Rule 102 of The Rules of the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange which provides for applications to be made for a licence as a broker firm. Interested applicants should refer to the aforementioned Rule 102 – Admittance to Membership for guidance. A copy of Rule 102 is included hereunder.

Interested applicants are asked to note that applications must be made on the FORM – A attached.

Applications must be submitted in hardcopy with all requested attachments to:


The Chief Executive Officer

The Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange Limited

Tenth Floor, Nicholas Tower

63-65 Independence Square

Port of Spain

Private and Confidential


Interested applicants are advised to note that the prescribed fee referred to in Rule 102(3) and specified in FORM - A, will grant the successful applicant a permanent licence to access the trading facilities of the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange Limited (“TTSE” or “Exchange”). The licence is not a right to share ownership in the TTSE.

For further information or clarification, please contact the TTSE at 625-5107 extension 232.



Rule - 102 Admittance to Membership

1.    Every application for membership of the Stock Exchange shall be proposed and seconded by two members of the Stock Exchange and shall be accompanied by:

a.    a statement which shall contain the name and description of the applicant, the address of its registered office in Trinidad and Tobago, and the name and address and nationality of each of its directors one of whom shall be a broker;

b.     a certified copy of its Articles of Incorporation together with a certified copy of its certificate of incorporation;

c.     proof that the company has a minimum paid up share capital as prescribed under the Act.

2.   Before admitting the applicant as a member, the Exchange must approve of the Articles of Incorporation referred to in Rule 102(1) (b), and must be satisfied that the applicant's principal business is dealing in securities and is active in such business.

3.   Upon being satisfied that the applicant satisfies the criteria for membership specified in the Rules, the Exchange shall, subject to the applicant being registered and approved by the Commission, admit such member upon payment of the prescribed fee.

4.  Where the Exchange refuses an application for membership, it shall at once file with the Commission a copy of the decision, the reasons thereof and any other information required by the Commission.

5.     When an application for membership has been refused, the applicant may appeal to the Commission for a review of the Exchange’s decision. If upon review the Commission is of the opinion that the applicant should be admitted, the Exchange upon receiving notice of same, shall admit the applicant.

6.     No member shall alter its Articles of Incorporation without the consent of the Exchange in writing. 

7.     A member shall give immediate notice in writing to the Exchange of the death, retirement, bankruptcy or resignation of any of its directors and shall not go into voluntary liquidation without the prior approval of the Exchange.